What Aisle Is Quinoa In Walmart?

What aisle is Quino in Walmart? Quinoa is in Aisle A10 in Walmart. Aisle A10 is in the Grocery section in Walmart. The best selling Quinoa in Walmart is the Great Value Organic White Quinoa, that costs$2.97.


If the Quinoa you’re looking for is not available in-store at Walmart, you can go to Walmart.com and place an order to get free shipping.


Quinoa, pronounced “keen-wah” is a superfood ingredient that is high in protein and fiber. This means it’s a great food to include in your diet if you’re looking to lose weight or maintain a healthy figure.

Quinoa can be used as an alternative to rice, pasta, and bread because it offers the same amount of carbohydrates but has more protein and fiber than wheat products.

Is It OK To Eat Quinoa Everyday?

Not really. Although quinoa is nutritious, it contains high levels of oxalic acid which may cause kidney stones and urinary tract issues in people who consume too much of it.

Is Quinoa Healthier Than Rice?

Quinoa is a healthy alternative to rice. It’s gluten-free and higher in protein! Quinoa is healthier than rice because it contains more fiber. It also has a lot of minerals and amino acids that are good for you.

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