What Aisle Are Condoms In Walmart? Does Walmart Sell Condoms

Do you have a question that has to do with Walmart’s condom policy? Great! We’re here to help. Here are some common questions about condoms at Wal-Mart.

Does walmart sell condoms? Yes, Walmart sells condoms. You can buy condoms from Walmart in the store or online on their website.

Are you wondering where to find condoms in Walmart?

What aisle are Condoms in Walmart? Condoms are in Aisle C6 in Walmart. Aisle C6 is in the Health section in Walmart. If you want to buy condoms in Walmart, the best selling condoms are the Trojan Pleasure Variety Pack that cost $7.98.


What brand of condoms does walmart carry? Walmart carries many brands of condoms including Durex, Trojan, Lifestyles and Koolaids.

How much are the condoms at Walmart? The prices of condoms at Walmart vary but it will be under $10 for most types of condoms unless you buy something like an 18 pack which could cost more.

If the condoms you’re looking for are not available in-store at Walmart, you can go to Walmart.com and place an order to get free shipping.

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