What Aisle Are Egg Roll Wrappers In Walmart?

What aisle are Egg Roll Wrappers in Walmart? Egg Roll Wrappers are in Aisle A9 in Walmart. Aisle A9 is in the Frozen Foods section in Walmart. The best selling  Egg Roll Wrappers in Walmart are the Nasoya Egg Roll Wraps Pack that costs $2.48.

Egg Roll Wrappers

Where to Find Egg Roll Wrappers in Walmart?

In Walmart, head over to Aisle A9 to discover a selection of egg roll wrappers nestled within the Frozen Foods section, waiting to fulfill your culinary desires. Don’t wander around the store thinking that they are situated anywhere else! It’s the Aisle A9 you have to find.

Tips for Finding Egg Roll Wrappers in Walmart

If you enter the supermarket and find yourself overwhelmed by the number of products and aisles, consider putting our tips into practice to find the product easily. Here are our suggestions:

  • Consult the store map,
  • Ask store associates,
  • Check online availability,
  • Look for signage,
  • Explore nearby aisles,
  • Consider brand options.

What Variances of Egg Roll Wrappers Does Walmart Offer?

Walmart offers a variety of products to cater to different preferences and cooking needs. Some of the variances you can find include:

  • Brand options,
  • Different sizes,
  • Gluten-free options,
  • Organic egg roll wrappers,
  • Specialty wrappers.

What Size Egg Roll Wrappers Does Walmart Have?

The store typically carries both small and large sizes of egg roll wrappers. Some packets are 18 or 14 ounces, but some packets are 42 ounces. The small-sized ones are perfect for making bite-sized appetizers or mini egg rolls. 

On the other hand, the larger-sized wrappers are suitable for creating more substantial and filling egg rolls. These larger ones are great for incorporating a generous amount of filling and are often preferred for main course-style egg rolls.

What Other Aisle Items Would You Find Near the Egg Roll Wrappers In Walmart?

You are likely to find other Asian or international food items nearby. Some common items that you may find include soy sauce, Asian sauces and condiments, rice noodles, frozen dumplings, spring roll wrappers, fortune cookies, and other ingredients or products commonly used in Asian-inspired cooking.

What Are the Most Popular Brands That Walmart Sells for Egg Roll Wrappers?

One of the well-known and sought-after brands is Nasoya, which is recognized for its quality and reliability. They are favored for their consistent texture and ease of use in creating delicious egg rolls. This brand costs about $2.68. 

Additionally, Walmart may stock other reputable brands, such as Twin Dragon and Van’s Kitchen Chicken Egg Roll Wrappers, which are trusted names in the Asian food market. These brands provide a range of options in terms of thickness, size, and quality, allowing customers to choose the one that best suits their culinary needs. Their prices range from $ 2.68 to $3.98.

Are Egg Roll Wrappers Only Available in Walmart Stores or Online?

Customers have the option to visit their local Walmart store and browse the shelves in person, where they can explore different brands and sizes of this product. However, for those who prefer the convenience of online shopping, Walmart’s website offers the opportunity to purchase them online.

Are There Organic or Gluten-Free Egg Roll Wrappers Available in Walmart?

Yes, Walmart offers organic and gluten-free options. You can find organic wrappers free from pesticides and produced using environmentally friendly practices. These include Nasoya Refrigerated Plant-Based Egg Roll Wraps and Twin Dragon Refrigerated Plant-Based Wonton Wraps.

What Are The Different Types Of Egg Roll Wrappers Sold At Walmart?

Check out the table below for an overview of different roll wrappers and their characteristics.

Type of productDescription
Regular egg roll wrappersThese are the standard ones used for making traditional egg rolls.
Spring roll wrappersThese are thinner and lighter, often used for making spring rolls or other lighter appetizers.
Gluten-free egg roll wrappersWalmart offers gluten-free alternatives made with alternative grains or rice flour, suitable for those with gluten sensitivities or dietary restrictions.
Organic egg roll wrappersWalmart provides organic options made from organic ingredients, free from pesticides, and produced using environmentally friendly practices.
Specialty wrappersWalmart might offer specialty wrappers tailored for specific cuisines or unique recipes, such as ones for making dessert rolls or other creative variations.

Are There Special Instructions for Working With Egg Roll Wrappers From Walmart?

There are no special instructions, but it’s important to follow the correct guidelines. First, if they are frozen, make sure to thaw them according to the package instructions before using them. It’s important to strike a balance between moisture and dryness – excessive moisture can make them sticky, while excessive dryness can cause them to crack. 

To prevent drying, cover them with a damp cloth while working with them. Be gentle when handling them to avoid tearing, and follow the recipe instructions for filling, folding, and frying or baking the egg rolls.

Are There Any Recipes That Call for Specific Egg Roll Wrappers From Walmart?

Traditional egg roll recipes often use regular egg roll wrappers, while lighter appetizers like spring rolls may require the use of thinner spring roll wrappers. Some recipes might call for gluten-free egg roll wrappers to accommodate dietary restrictions. Specialty recipes such as dessert rolls or creative variations may utilize specific ones tailored for those purposes.

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