What Aisle Are Pokemon Cards In Walmart?

Pokemon cards have been a popular pastime for children and adults alike since their debut in 1996. Whether you’re looking to buy your first pack of cards or add to an existing collection, Walmart is a great place to find them.

But with so many different items on the shelves, it can be difficult to know exactly what aisle Pokemon cards are located in.

What aisle are Pokemon Cards in Walmart? If available, Pokemon Cards can be found in the Toys aisle in Walmart.

Pokemon Cards

If you’re looking for Pokémon cards, the best place to start may be the toy aisle. But depending on the Walmart store, they might be located in different areas.

In some cases, they might be found with the other trading cards, while others stores might put them in with the children’s games and puzzles.

So it really depends on your local Walmart store.

However, you’re likely to find a good selection of Pokémon cards at any location that sells toys and games.

If the Pokemon Cards you’re looking for are not available in-store at Walmart, you can go to Walmart.com and place an order to get free shipping.

Where Are Pokemon Cards Located In Walmart?

Pokemon cards can usually be found in the Toys section of Walmart. As you make your way through the store, head towards the area dedicated to toys, games, and collectibles. Look for colorful displays and shelves filled with various card packs, booster packs, and theme decks. 

Don’t forget to check the end caps and special promotional displays for any exclusive or limited edition releases. Remember, availability may vary from store to store, so it’s always a good idea to check with an associate or refer to the store directory for precise guidance.

Location of Pokemon Cards in Walmart Stores Across the US

The most common location is within the Toys aisle, however, this may not be the case in every single Walmart store around the US.

Depending on the store, you might also find them with other trading cards or within kids games and puzzles instead.

It can often be helpful to ask an associate for their best guess as to where Pokémon cards are located, which removes any frustration from wandering around Walmart’s huge aisles.

What Is the Price Range for Pokemon Cards in Walmart?

The cost is influenced by the specific type of product, such as booster packs, theme decks, tins, or collector’s boxes. Additionally, the rarity, popularity, and age of the cards can also impact their prices. On average, booster packs may range from around $3 to $6, while theme decks or starter sets could be priced between $10 and $20. Special collector’s items or premium products may have higher price points, often exceeding $20.

Which Walmart Stores Sell Pokemon Cards?

Due to the high demand and occasional supply shortages, certain Walmart stores may temporarily or permanently adjust their inventory. It is advisable to check with your local Walmart store directly or visit their website to confirm if they carry Pokémon cards.

What Are the Different Types of Pokemon Cards for Sale in Walmart?

In Walmart, you can typically find a variety of different types of Pokémon cards for sale. However, it’s worth noting that availability may vary depending on the store and current stock.

1. Trading Cards

These are individual cards that feature different Pokémon characters, each with their own unique abilities and statistics. Trading cards are often collected, traded, and used for gameplay.

2. Theme Decks

Theme decks are pre-constructed decks that are ready to play right out of the box. They typically contain a selection of Pokémon cards, trainer cards, and energy cards that are themed around a specific Pokémon type or strategy.

3. Booster Packs

Booster packs contain a randomized assortment of Pokémon cards. Each pack typically includes a set number of common, uncommon, and rare cards, including the chance of obtaining ultra-rare or holographic cards. Booster packs are a popular choice for collectors and those looking to expand their card collection.

4. Collector’s Tins

Collector’s tins are special tin containers that usually come with a selection of Pokémon cards, often including exclusive or promotional cards. These tins are designed for collectors and often feature unique artwork or themes.

5. Booster Boxes

Booster boxes are larger boxes that contain multiple booster packs. These boxes typically include a specific number of booster packs, often around 36 packs, and can be a more cost-effective option for those looking to purchase cards in bulk.

What Are Some Tips for Buying Pokemon Cards in Walmart?

When purchasing Pokémon cards at Walmart, it’s essential to be an informed shopper. There are some tips to consider when buying Pokémon cards at Walmart

1. Research Prices Before Shopping

Before heading to Walmart, do some research to get an idea of the typical prices for Pokémon cards. This will help you spot any inflated prices or identify good deals when you see them.

2. Inspect Cards Carefully

When selecting Pokémon cards, inspect them carefully for any damage or signs of tampering. Look for bent corners, scratches, or creases that may affect the card’s value. If possible, check for card authenticity to avoid counterfeit products.

3. Buy Larger Packs for Better Deals

Consider purchasing larger packs, such as booster boxes, instead of individual booster packs. Buying in bulk can often provide better value for your money and increase your chances of getting rare or sought-after cards.

4. Buy From an Authorized Seller

Ensure you are purchasing Pokémon cards from an authorized retailer, like Walmart, to guarantee the authenticity and quality of the cards. This helps you avoid counterfeit or low-quality products.

5. Purchase Online

If your local Walmart store doesn’t have the desired Pokémon cards in stock or you prefer a wider selection, consider exploring Walmart’s online store. Shopping online allows you to browse a broader range of options and may also provide access to exclusive products or deals.

What Are the Benefits of Buying Pokemon Cards From Walmart?

With its widespread presence, Walmart ensures the wide availability of cards across its many stores. They also provide competitive pricing, often offering better deals compared to other retailers. Walmart’s inventory includes a variety of Pokémon card products, ranging from booster packs to collector’s tins, giving you ample options to choose from.

Are There Any Disadvantages to Buying Pokemon Cards From Walmart?

While buying Pokémon cards from Walmart has its advantages, there are a few potential disadvantages to be aware of. These include limited stock availability, inconsistent inventory across different Walmart stores, the presence of scalpers and resellers potentially driving up prices or creating scarcity, the possibility of encountering damaged cards on the shelves, and limited customer service expertise specifically tailored to collectors.

What Are the Popular Pokemon Card Sets Available at Walmart?

At Walmart, you can find a variety of popular Pokémon card sets. While availability may vary, here are some well-known sets that have been commonly stocked in the past:

  • Pokémon TCG: Sword & Shield – This set introduced the eighth generation of Pokémon cards, featuring Pokémon from the Galar region. It includes popular subsets like Darkness Ablaze, Rebel Clash, and Vivid Voltage.
  • Pokémon TCG: Sun & Moon – This set marked the transition from the XY series to the Sun & Moon series. It includes subsets like Guardians Rising, Burning Shadows, and Crimson Invasion.
  • Pokémon TCG: Hidden Fates – This set gained significant popularity for its shiny Pokémon variations and limited availability. It features beloved characters and Pokémon from various generations.
  • Pokémon TCG: Evolving Skies – Released in 2021, this set showcases Pokémon evolving into powerful forms, including Eevee evolutions and Dragon-type Pokémon.
  • Pokémon TCG: Shining Fates – This set offers a unique and shiny spin on various Pokémon. It includes shiny Pokémon variants, V and VMAX cards, and a chance to obtain the highly sought-after Shiny Charizard card.

These are just a few examples of popular Pokémon card sets that have been available at Walmart. However, it’s important to note that card availability is subject to change as new sets are released, and older ones become less common.

Where Can You Find Rare Pokemon Cards in Walmart?

Rare Pokémon cards can be found in various areas within Walmart. Keep an eye out for booster packs, as they often contain a chance to uncover rare and valuable cards. Collector’s tins, located in the Pokémon card section or near collectible card products, may also include exclusive or rare cards. Special promotional displays, set up during new releases or events, might feature exclusive or limited-edition cards that are harder to find elsewhere in the store.

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