Walmart Prescription Refills: Policy and Benefits

Walmart offers a convenient prescription refill service at many of their pharmacy locations across the country as well as through their website and mobile app. This allows customers to easily renew their medication prescriptions without having to go directly through their doctor each time. Here’s an overview of how Walmart’s prescription refill service works along with its benefits and limitations.

What Is Walmart’s Prescription Refill Service?

The prescription refill service at Walmart enables customers to renew prescriptions for their maintenance medications. This lets patients obtain refills for drugs they take on a regular basis without having to get a brand new written prescription from their provider every single time. 

To use Walmart’s prescription refill services, customers must have an active prescription on file at the Walmart pharmacy. This means they originally got the prescription filled at Walmart to begin with.

How to Use Walmart’s Prescription Refill Service

There are a few different ways customers can go about refilling their prescriptions using Walmart’s services:

1. Online Refills

The easiest way to refill a prescription is through Walmart’s online pharmacy refill service. Customers can either visit or download the Walmart mobile app. Once logged into their Walmart pharmacy account, they can select the medication they need refilled and choose to pick it up at their preferred Walmart pharmacy location or through Walmart’s mail orderservice.

2. In-Store Refills

Many Walmart pharmacies have express kiosks where customers can scan their prescription bottle barcode to request a refill. They can then choose to pick it up in-store or have it mailed. Patients can also drop off their prescription bottles at the pharmacy counter to request refills. 

3. Phone Call Refills

Calling the pharmacy department is another way to refill Walmart prescriptions. The pharmacy’s phone number is typically printed on the prescription label. Patients simply have to call the number and provide the prescription details to request a refill.

4. Mobile App Refills

Walmart’s mobile app makes it easy to refill prescriptions on the go. Customers can open the app, go to the pharmacy section, select the prescription they need refilled, and choose delivery or in-store pickup.

What Are the Benefits of Using Walmart’s Prescription Refill Service?

There are many advantages to using Walmart’s prescription refill services, including:

  • Convenience: Refills can be requested 24/7 through the website or app without having to visit the pharmacy. The mail order service also provides convenience.
  • Affordability: Walmart offers discounted prescription prices on many generic medications, making refills more affordable. They also operate discount programs. 
  • Integration: The refill process is integrated with Walmart’s online pharmacy account system for seamless management.
  • Automatic Refills: Patients have the option to sign up for automatic refills so medications are automatically renewed on schedule.
  • Medication Synchronization: Pharmacy staff can synchronize refill dates so multiple prescriptions can be refilled at the same time each month.

What Are the Limitations of Walmart’s Prescription Refill Service?

While Walmart’s refill service provides many benefits, there are some limitations:

  • Availability: Not all Walmart pharmacies offer prescription refills or have the same services. Refill options can vary by location.
  • Controlled Substances: Refills aren’t available for Schedule II controlled substances like opioids without a new written prescription.
  • Transferring Prescriptions: Patients first have to transfer prescriptions to Walmart to use the refill service.
  • Same-Day Refills: Patients generally have to plan 1-2 days in advance for refills as most are not same-day.
  • Pharmacy Hours: In-store pickup has set pharmacy hours while mail order provides more flexibility.

How to Track Your Walmart Prescription Order?

Walmart offers a few ways for customers to track the status of their prescription refill orders:

  • Online Account: Patients can log into their Walmart online pharmacy account to view current prescription status.
  • Mobile App: The Walmart app shows the status of refill orders and expected pickup dates. 
  • Text/Email Alerts: Patients can opt-in to receive text or email notifications providing status updates on orders.
  • Automated Call System: By calling the pharmacy’s voice recording system, patients can get the latest update on their refill order.
  • Speaking to Pharmacy Staff: Talking directly with pharmacy staff is another way to check on the status and expected arrival timeframe of a refill order.

What If You Run Out of Your Medication Before Your Next Refill?

If a patient runs out of their prescription medication too soon before they can get a standard refill, there are some options:

  • Speak to the pharmacist about an emergency prescription to cover the gap until the regular refill can be processed.
  • See if the doctor can call in a small supply to get through to the next refill date. Often doctors will provide samples as well.
  • For some medications, partial refills can be requested to get an interim supply while waiting on the full refill. Restrictions apply based on the drug type and insurance coverage. 
  • In a worst case scenario without other options, patients may have to pay full price for a small supply out of pocket if permitted by the pharmacy. This should only be done as a last resort.

Can You Get Emergency Prescriptions at Walmart?

Walmart pharmacies will occasionally provide emergency prescriptions at the pharmacist’s discretion to help patients who cannot reach their regular doctor and truly need an emergency supply of medication. However, this is done on a limited, case-by-case basis and is not meant to replace routine prescription refills.

Does Walmart Offer Automatic Prescription Refills?

Yes, Walmart does provide customers with the option to enroll in an automatic prescription refill program. This allows the pharmacy to automatically refill eligible medications once a prescription is nearly empty to make sure there is no gap in medication coverage. 

To enroll, patients can speak with their Walmart pharmacist or log into their online pharmacy account. With automatic refills, customers don’t have to remember to order refills each month or worry about running out.

Does Walmart Deliver Prescriptions To Your Home?

Walmart offers a convenient prescription home delivery service through Walmart Mail Order Pharmacy as part of their prescription refill offerings. When refilling prescriptions through Walmart, patients have the choice on most medications to have their prescription mailed directly to their home.

This service is only available for refills of prescriptions already on file and filled at Walmart, not new prescriptions. Standard home delivery typically takes 7-10 business days.

What Are the Costs Associated with Walmart’s Prescription Refill Service?

The cost for prescription refills through Walmart depends on the specific drug, dosage, quantity, and insurance coverage. However, Walmart strives to keep prescription refill costs affordable.

For customers with insurance, copay amounts will depend on the insurance plan. Self-pay patients without insurance can take advantage of Walmart’s discounted cash prescription prices, with many common generic medications priced as low as $4 per refill. 

The Walmart home delivery service starts at just $4 per refill shipment. There are no added membership fees or required subscriptions associated with Walmart’s prescription refill services.

Is There a Discount Program for Regular Customers?

Walmart offers the Walmart RxSaver program which provides deeper discounts on refills for patients without prescription insurance coverage. Anyone can join the RxSaver program for free. 

Members receive savings between 10-85% on thousands of generic and brand-name prescriptions as well as other pharmacy items. RxSaver offers discounted pricing on prescription refills at Walmart without requiring membership fees.

How Does Walmart Handle Confidentiality and Privacy in Their Pharmacy Services?

Protecting customer privacy is a priority for Walmart pharmacies. They abide by HIPAA regulations surrounding privacy and security of personal health information.

Prescription and medical details are stored in a HIPAA-compliant secure database. Only pharmacists and pharmacy staff with proper credentials can access this database.

Strict protocols are in place for sharing protected health information only with authorized individuals directly involved in a patient’s care. Customers must give explicit permission for any other sharing of medical data.

Walmart staff receives ongoing training on safeguarding protected health information and handling prescriptions confidentially per pharmacy legal and ethics requirements. HIPAA violations result in disciplinary action.


Walmart’s prescription refill service makes it easy for customers to keep their maintenance medications on hand. The convenience of online, phone, and mobile app refills provides a streamlined process with added benefits like home delivery. As long as patients are aware of the limitations and upfront costs, Walmart can be a helpful option for affordable prescription refills.