Walmart Pharmacy Drive-Thru Hours: Fast and Convenient Prescription Pickup

The Walmart pharmacy offers a convenient drive-thru service that allows customers to pick up prescriptions without leaving their vehicles. This service provides an efficient way to get your medications while maintaining social distancing. Knowing the hours of operation and services available can help you plan your prescription pickup or refill.

How Does Walmart Pharmacy Drive-Thru Work?

The Walmart pharmacy drive-thru functions similarly to a fast food drive-thru. You can pull up in your vehicle, confirm your prescription order and payment method with the pharmacy staff via an intercom, and receive your filled prescriptions through the window. 

To use the pharmacy drive-thru, you’ll need to first submit your prescription information to your local Walmart pharmacy. This can be done by dropping off the written prescription, faxing it to the pharmacy, or having your doctor submit it electronically. 

Once the prescription is filled, you can call ahead or visit online to confirm the order is ready. At the drive-thru window, be prepared to provide your name and birthdate, as well as payment if needed. The staff will then retrieve and deliver your prescription order.

What Are the Operating Hours for Walmart Pharmacy Drive-Thru?

Walmart pharmacy drive-thru hours vary by location but generally align with that store’s pharmacy hours. Most pharmacies are open from 9am to 9pm on weekdays, 9am to 7pm on Saturdays, and 10am to 6pm on Sundays. 

However, some locations have extended or reduced hours. It’s always best to check your local Walmart’s pharmacy hours to confirm their specific drive-thru times. You can usually find these hours listed on the store’s website or posted at the pharmacy.

The drive-thru typically follows the same open and closed times as the pharmacy counter. One exception is that some locations close the drive-thru an hour before the pharmacy itself closes. Be sure to arrive within the posted drive-thru hours to use this convenient service.

Does Every Walmart Have a Pharmacy Drive-Thru?

Unfortunately, not every Walmart location has a pharmacy drive-thru available. Having the drive-thru service depends on factors like store size, location, and layout. Drive-thru access may only be available at larger Supercenter stores with room to accommodate the lanes.

Before heading to the pharmacy drive-thru window, check online or call your local Walmart to confirm if they offer the service. You can search “Walmart pharmacy near me” online and then select your closest location to view details and hours. This will indicate if drive-thru pickup is available.

If your preferred Walmart pharmacy doesn’t have drive-thru, you can still fill prescriptions there and pick them up inside the store. However, the drive-thru provides an extra level of convenience and social distancing for medication pickup.

How to Find Your Local Walmart Pharmacy Drive-Thru Hours

Wondering when you can swing by to grab your prescriptions from the Walmart pharmacy drive-thru? Here are some tips for finding your location’s exact pharmacy and drive-thru hours of operation:

  • Check the Walmart website or mobile app. Search for your nearest store, then view pharmacy details to check drive-thru hours.
  • Call the pharmacy directly. An associate can confirm the pharmacy and drive-thru hours over the phone.
  • Check social media or other pharmacy listing sites. Hours may be posted on the location’s Facebook or Google pages.
  • Look for posted signs. Pharmacy and drive-thru hours are usually displayed at the store entrance and pharmacy counter.
  • Ask the auto care center. Associates in the tire and lube shop often know the pharmacy’s opening and closing times.
  • Consider 7am to 9pm as typical drive-thru times for most locations. Adjust earlier or later based on your store.
  • Allow extra time if picking up prescriptions close to closing time to ensure you arrive during drive-thru hours.

Knowing the exact pharmacy drive-thru times for your Walmart will make pickup quick and easy. Always confirm hours ahead of your visit in case they’ve changed or vary by holiday.

Can You Pick Up All Prescriptions at Walmart Pharmacy Drive-Thru?

The Walmart pharmacy drive-thru allows you to conveniently pick up most prescription medications without leaving your vehicle. However, there are some restrictions on prescriptions that cannot be filled via the drive-thru service:

  • Controlled substances – Prescriptions for controlled drugs like opioids must be picked up inside due to legal regulations. 
  • Refrigerated items – Medications requiring refrigeration are only dispensed at the pharmacy counter.
  • Age-restricted products – Certain prescriptions have age requirements and can only be picked up in person.
  • Specialty drugs – High-cost specialty medications may need special handling and are filled inside.
  • Out-of-stock prescriptions – If your prescription is out of stock, the pharmacy can’t fulfill it via drive-thru.
  • New prescriptions – First-time prescriptions must be initiated and filled inside before doing drive-thru pickup.
  • Order issues – Any problems with your prescription must be addressed at the pharmacy counter before using the drive-thru.

Just confirm with the pharmacist which prescriptions are eligible for drive-thru pickup. For any exceptions, you’ll need to park and briefly go inside to complete your pharmacy transaction.

Can You Drop Off Prescriptions at Walmart Pharmacy Drive-Thru?

While you can pick up most filled prescriptions at the Walmart pharmacy drive-thru, you cannot use the drive-thru window to drop off new prescriptions to be filled. Any new prescriptions must be submitted and reviewed by the pharmacist at the pharmacy counter before they can be filled.

Here are the ways you can submit new prescriptions to Walmart Pharmacy without visiting the pharmacy counter:

  • Ask your doctor to submit electronically
  • Use the Walmart mobile app 
  • Fax the signed prescription to the pharmacy
  • Mail paper prescriptions to the pharmacy

Once received and entered into the system, you can call to confirm when new prescriptions are ready for convenient drive-thru pickup. Just be sure to submit all new scripts ahead of time so you can take advantage of quick drive-thru service when they’re filled.

What Are the Payment Options at the Walmart Pharmacy Drive-Thru?

Walmart offers several payment options to complete your pharmacy drive-thru transaction quickly and easily:

  • Insurance – Provide your prescription insurance card information and pay any copay at the drive-thru window.
  • Walmart gift cards – Use a Walmart gift card to cover your medication cost.
  • Credit/debit cards – Major credit and debit cards are accepted, including contactless payment.
  • Walmart Credit – Apply for a Walmart Credit account to manage pharmacy purchases.
  • Cash – Drive-thru associates can make change for cash payments.
  • HSA/FSA cards – Pay for eligible prescriptions using your HSA or FSA debit card.
  • Walmart Pay – Use the Walmart app to pay with Walmart Pay at pickup.

Confirm your preferred payment method ahead of using the Walmart pharmacy drive-thru so the process is fast and efficient. Contact the pharmacy with any billing questions prior to pickup.

Can I Get My Prescription Without Insurance at the Walmart Pharmacy Drive-Thru?

One great thing about using the Walmart pharmacy is that you can get prescriptions filled even if you don’t have insurance coverage. The drive-thruaccepts a range of payment options that allow you to pay out-of-pocket for your medications.

When you drop off or submit your prescription, be sure to notify the pharmacist that you will be paying without insurance. This ensures they accurately process the script and can confirm your cost ahead of drive-thru pickup

To save money on prescriptions without insurance, take advantage of Walmart’s discounted prescription prices and membership programs like Walmart+Rx Saver. You can still use the convenient drive-thru service to pay cash or with a Walmart gift card.

The Walmart pharmacy drive-thru offers an affordable, quick way to get your prescriptions without the hassle of going inside. Just have your payment method ready when you pick up your finished order.

What Other Services Are Available at Walmart Pharmacy Drive-Thru?

In addition to prescription pickup, some Walmart pharmacies offer other services at the drive-thru for added convenience:

  • COVID-19 Vaccines – Select locations administer COVID-19 and flu vaccines at the drive-thru with no appointment needed.
  • OTC Item Pickup – Everyday health items can be ordered online for drive-thru pickup at many pharmacies. 
  • Photo Services – Arrange for prescription photo printing and pickup through the drive-thru.
  • Clinical Services – Some pharmacies can provide screenings, injections, and counseling via drive-thru.
  • Pet Medications – Filled pet meds may be picked up through the pharmacy drive-thru.
  • Returns – Unwanted OTC purchases can be returned via drive-thru at participating pharmacies. 

Check with your pharmacy to confirm which additional services they currently offer via the drive-thru. Policies and options may vary by location.

What Are the Benefits of Using Walmart Pharmacy Drive-Thru?

Choosing to fill your prescriptions at the Walmart pharmacy provides several advantages. Opting for their drive-thru service offers even more conveniences:

  • No wait times – Drive right up to the window with little or no wait to pick up meds.
  • Convenience – Skip going inside and avoid parking with drive-up service.
  • Efficiency – Streamlined process gets you your scripts quickly.
  • Affordability – Low Walmart prescription prices, even without insurance.
  • Accessibility – Extended pharmacy hours allow pickup on your schedule. 
  • Safety – Minimize exposure by remaining in your vehicle.
  • Comfort – Stay in your car in bad weather instead of going inside.

For fast, affordable, and efficient prescription fulfillment, the Walmart pharmacy drive-thru provides huge benefits and perks. Take advantage when refilling or picking up your medications.

What if Your Local Walmart Doesn’t Have a Pharmacy Drive-Thru?

If the Walmart nearest you doesn’t offer pharmacy drive-thru service, don’t worry! You have a few options to still enjoy convenient prescription pickup:

  • In-store Pickup – Head inside to the pharmacy counter during operating hours to retrieve medications.
  • Curbside – Some locations allow you to park in designated spots, then call when you’ve arrived so staff brings out your order.
  • Delivery – In select areas, Walmart may deliver eligible prescriptions directly to your home.
  • Mail Order – Sign up for Walmart’s mail delivery service to get your refills shipped.
  • Transfer – Move your prescription to a Walmart location that does provide drive-thru service.
  • Third-Party Apps – Use a pharmacy delivery app to get your filled prescription delivered.

Even pharmacies without a drive-thru can offer ways to quickly and easily get your medications, some with little or no contact. Explore all the options to find the most convenient Walmart pharmacy pickup method for you.


The Walmart pharmacy drive-thru offers a great way to minimize time and exposure when picking up prescriptions. By understanding the drive-thru hours and services at your local store, you can take advantage of quick and easy medication pickup. A few limitations exist on what can be filled via drive-thru, but the convenience and efficiency make it an ideal option for most prescription needs. Even if a drive-thru isn’t available at your Walmart, various alternative pickup methods help you get prescriptions filled with minimal hassle.