How to Refill Prescriptions as a Guest at Walmart Pharmacy

Refilling your prescriptions is an important part of maintaining your health. Taking medication as prescribed by your doctor can help manage chronic conditions, treat short-term illnesses, and generally keep you healthy. However, 52% of all prescriptions filled in the United States are refills. (Source: National Association of Chain Drug Stores) This means over half of all prescriptions dispensed are not new prescriptions but refills of existing prescriptions. To get your necessary refills, consider using Walmart Pharmacy. 

Walmart Pharmacy offers prescription refills for guests who are not regular patients of Walmart Pharmacy. This service provides visitors, travelers, and anyone without a Walmart Pharmacy account the ability to refillprescriptions. Here is how to refill prescriptions as a guest at Walmart Pharmacy.

1. Visit the Walmart Pharmacy

The first step is to physically go to your local Walmart Supercenter or Neighborhood Market that has a pharmacy. The use of prescription refills has increased over the past decade, as more and more people are taking chronic medications. (Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) So you will likely see a busy pharmacy area at most Walmart locations. 

Look for signs pointing to the pharmacy section. This is typically at the back of the store. You will see counters with Walmart pharmacists and technicians assisting customers.

2. Speak with a Pharmacist

After arriving at the Walmart Pharmacy area, you need to speak directly with one of the Walmart pharmacists. Let them know you need to refill a prescription as a guest of the pharmacy. 

The pharmacist will guide you through the process and collect all the required information. They will also answer any questions you may have.

3. Provide Prescription Information

To fill your prescription refill request, the Walmart pharmacist will need certain details. Having this information ready will make the process faster and easier.

The pharmacist will ask for:

  • Your full legal name
  • Date of birth
  • Current address
  • Phone number 
  • Name of the prescription medication needing a refill 
  • Strength and dosage amount of the medication
  • The exact quantity to be filled
  • Information on the prescribing doctor 
  • Date the original prescription was filled
  • Name and location of the original pharmacy

The most common medications that are refilled include statins for cholesterol, blood pressure medications, and antidepressants. (Source: Express Scripts) Be sure to know details on your specific medication needing a refill.

4. Pay for Your Prescription Refill

Once Walmart Pharmacy has all the required prescription refill information, you will then need to pay for the medication. 

There are several options for paying for guest prescription refills:

  • Cash 
  • Credit card
  • Debit card
  • Flexible spending account card
  • Health savings account card

Walmart Pharmacy accepts major credit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express. 

Prescription refills can be a barrier to medication adherence for some patients, especially those with low incomes or limited transportation.(Source: Kaiser Family Foundation) For those with financial limitations, Walmart Pharmacy offers discounted prescriptions, with some medications costing as low as $4 per refill.

Ask your Walmart pharmacist if any discounts or savings programs apply to your specific medication to save money on refills.

5. Pick Up Your Prescription

Typically, guest prescription refills are filled quickly on-site for immediate pickup. However, for some medications your pharmacist may need 1-2 days for the refill order to be processed and filled.

Once ready, there are two ways to pick up your finished prescription refill as a Walmart Pharmacy guest:

Your pharmacist will let you know the estimated wait time and which pickup option will work best when you drop off your refill request. 

Be sure to bring a photo ID when picking up filled prescriptions to confirm your identity.

Why Should You Choose Walmart Pharmacy for Prescription Refills?

There are many reasons to choose Walmart Pharmacy over other retail pharmacies for prescription refills, including:

  • Open late (24 hour service at many locations)
  • Everyday low prices on medications
  • Accepts most insurance plans
  • Easy prescription transfer process
  • Convenient locations with pharmacy drive-thru
  • Fast and friendly service
  • Patient counseling on medications
  • Automated refill reminders

Walmart Pharmacy aims to make the prescription refill process easy and accessible for all patients by offering extended hours, low costs, and quality pharmacist care.

How Does Walmart Pharmacy Handle Guest Prescription Refills?

Walmart Pharmacy has a process to safely and accurately handle prescription refills for guests who do not have a prescription profile on file.

Here is how Walmart pharmacists refill prescriptions for guests:

  • Verify patient identity
  • Contact the original prescribing doctor for authorization
  • Confirm prescription details through pharmacy database
  • Check for potential drug interactions and allergies
  • Fill prescription following strict quality and safety checks
  • Counsel patient on proper medication use upon pickup

Strict controls protect against fraud, misuse, and abuse of medications when refilling prescriptions for guests. Walmart Pharmacy follows all state pharmacy regulations and laws when processing guest prescription refill requests.

What Information Do You Need to Provide for a Guest Prescription Refill at Walmart Pharmacy?

To fill a prescription refill for a guest, Walmart Pharmacy requires:

  • Patient name, date of birth, address, and phone number
  • Prescription details (medication, strength, quantity)
  • Original prescription date and prior pharmacy
  • Doctor name and contact information

Having all this information ready when you visit the pharmacy will help ensure your refill can be processed without any delays. 

Carry your prescription bottle, when possible, containing your name and prescription details. This provides many needed details at once for the pharmacist.

Can You Refill Prescriptions Online as a Guest at Walmart Pharmacy?

Walmart does not currently offer the ability to refill prescriptions online for pharmacy guests. An in-person visit is required to provide the necessary details and go through the guest refill process. 

For those who use Walmart Pharmacy, having an established prescription profile enables you to access Walmart prescription refills 24/7 through the Walmart Pharmacy website or mobile app.

What Are the Payment Options for Guest Prescription Refills at Walmart Pharmacy?

Walmart Pharmacy accepts the following payment methods for guest prescription refills:

  • Cash
  • Credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, AmEx)
  • Debit card/ACH
  • Flexible spending account (FSA) card
  • Health savings account (HSA) card

They offer a range of options to ensure customers can pay for their medications, including uninsured patients paying out-of-pocket. 

In addition, Walmart Pharmacy provides discounted pricing on many generic prescriptions, with select medications costing as low as $4 for a 30-day supply.

What Are the Pickup Options for Guest Prescription Refills at Walmart Pharmacy?

Once filled, Walmart Pharmacy offers two ways for pharmacy guests to get their prescription refills:

  1. In-store pickup at the pharmacy counter
  2. Drive-thru pickup, where available

Same-day, in-store pickup is typical for most prescriptions. For some medications requiring extra processing time, pickup may be 1-2 days after dropping off your refill request.

Walmart pharmacists will provide an accurate timeframe when you provide your prescription details for refilling. 

Drive-thru pickup provides added convenience and saves time for established Walmart Pharmacy patients with an account on file. This service is not available for first-time guest refills.


Refilling your prescriptions is easy at Walmart Pharmacy, even as a guest without a profile on file. Simply walk in to your nearest Walmart Pharmacy, provide your prescription details, pay for your refill, and pick up your finished medication.

Walmart Pharmacy makes it convenient to get your necessary prescription refills while traveling, away from home, or when you don’t have an existing relationship with the pharmacy. Their pharmacists will ensure your medication is refilled accurately and safely.

So next time you need a prescription refilled, consider using Walmart’s pharmacy services as a guest. They make it quick and simple to get your important medications. Prescription refills can help to improve patient health outcomes by ensuring that patients have a continuous supply of their medications.(Source: American Heart Association) Use Walmart Pharmacy to stay on track with your prescribed treatment.