Does Walmart Have Eye Contacts?

If you have ever needed to purchase contact lenses, you may have wondered if Walmart carries them. After all, Walmart is a one-stop shop for many items, so it only makes sense that they would sell contacts, too, right? In this blog post, we are going to take a look at whether or not Walmart sells contact lenses and what your options are if they don’t.

So does Walmart have eye contacts? Yes, Walmart does carry eye contacts. You can find them in the optical department or pharmacy. They usually have a large selection of brands and styles to choose from. Prices may vary depending on the brand and type of contacts you choose.

You can also order contacts from Walmart’s website if you’d prefer.

Which brand of contacts does Walmart use?

Walmart uses the ACUVUE contacts.

ACUVUE contact lenses from Johnson and Johnson are the world’s #1 prescription contact lens brand. They make high-quality disposable lenses for daily wear and other day-to-day products.

However, Biofinity is a monthly contact lens that can be purchased much cheaper than other lenses.

How much does it take to get contacts from Walmart?

Most orders will arrive in 7-10 days, and 98% of all US orders are shipped from stock. However, the vast majority of items ordered will come sooner.

Walmart Vision Center

Many of their stores offer vision centers where you can find various frames, contacts, and all-in-one packages tailored to your needs.

If you have a nearby Walmart, chances are you’ve seen optometry units and services in the store. You can get your eyes checked and search for new glasses and contacts.

This site allows you to order nonprescription readers & sunglasses that may not be carried in the store. Walmart also sells contacts online through their separate website called Walmart Contacts.

Pros and cons of the Vision Centers

Walmart Vision pros

  • It has lots of centers located across the country.
  • You can also buy school supplies, groceries, and new glasses in one trip.
  • For children, offers Children’s glasses and contacts
  • One can also purchase contacts online

Walmart Vision cons

  • It can be not very clear and not have prescription eyewear options
  • the high turnover rate in the optometry field
  • complaints about unfair billing practices with customers and low employee morale

What can you get from Walmart Vision Centers?


Walmart offers a wide selection of prescription glasses, contact lenses, and computer glasses. They have varieties of single-vision lenses, half bifocal lenses, and no-line bifocal lenses.


Walmart has a wide range of options when it comes to lenses. They offer clear, tinted, polarized, and transition lenses, as well as a selection of protective coatings that you can choose from if you’d like your old lenses put in new frames.

Eye exams

Before getting a new pair of glasses, optometrists inside Walmart Vision Centers provide an optical exam.

Find the Walmart Vision Center nearest to you.

What can you get from Walmart Vision online?

The website offers a range of colorful and exciting styles for people to choose from, including nonprescription eyewear such as sunglasses and blue-light-blocking glasses.

You can filter the website and find exactly what you are looking for. Find your top-selling frames in seconds!

You can also buy similar accessories and comfort items such as eye drops.

Even though the website is excellent for shopping, you may find it slow to navigate. The site has various sellers and items from Walmart, which can be found by scrolling.

When you have chosen the option of having your items delivered to you personally or picked up at the store, you then click on ‘checking out’ and complete your order.