Does Walmart Have Coinstar?

Coinstar is a company that many people are familiar with. They provide coin counting machines in various locations, making it easy for people to get their money counted and organized. Walmart is a huge retailer, so some people may wonder if they have Coinstar machines as well. Let’s take a closer look at this question.

Does Walmart have Coinstar? Walmart has Coinstar machines that allow customers to convert their cash into coins and bills. Coinstar machines are located at the front of the store where customers can deposit their money for a small fee.

Once your cash is deposited, it will appear in your bank account within a few days.

Coinstar machines at Walmart charge a fee to use them. Currently, this cost is roughly 11.9 percent of the value of the coins you’re converting.

How To Use A Coinstar Machine At Walmart? 

Coinstar machines are efficient and straightforward to use. You need to put in a certain number of your loose coins into the device and allow them to enter before it starts counting them. Don’t overload the machine, as it takes longer for everything to process.

After your coins have been counted, you will be handed a printed receipt with the entire amount of coins printed on it.

Simply present this receipt to the customer service desk to obtain the coin value in cash.

Is Walmart’s Coinstar Fee Avoidable?

The Coinstar machine will automatically count all coins inserted and calculate the fee deducted. Customers, however, are given a few other options in addition to collecting cash.

Customers can contribute their earnings to charity or receive an e-gift card redeemable at select stores and restaurants, including Amazon, AMC Theatres, and Starbucks.

When customers select one of these two options, they will avoid the additional cost and receive the entire value of their purchase.

Alternatives To Coinstar Machines

If you don’t have access to a Coinstar machine or simply want to avoid paying the Coinstar fee entirely, you can convert coins to cash at American Eagle Credit Union, Cape Bank, First County Bank, etc.

In addition, in light of the new Bitcoin program at select Walmart locations, Coinstar machines have joined with Coinme to allow customers to purchase Bitcoin with their coins.

A 4% Bitcoin fee and a 7% cash exchange fee are charged for this operation.

Customers will be required to create a Coinme account and perform a know-your-customer check before making a Bitcoin purchase in specified stores.

Where is the Coin Machine Located in Walmart?

The coin machine is located near the main entrance of Walmart. Most of this store is located on the ground floor, so it’s easy to spot.

Even though Coinstar machines are placed at Walmart stores, not all Walmart locations offer Coinstar services.


Coin machines are a strange blend of the past and the future. Many people do not carry or have enough coins to make frequent use of such devices.

However, it’s helpful to know where to find one and what services they provide when you need one.