Costco Grocery List for Two

Grocery shopping can be a daunting task, especially when you are cooking for two. But never fear, Costco has got you covered! With their wide selection of products and bulk sizes, Costco is the perfect place to stock up on groceries for two. From staples to snacks, this Costco Grocery List for Two will help you get everything you need in one trip!

Costco Grocery List for Two

Costco Grocery List for Two:
1. Organic Apples
2. Bananas
3. Avocados
4. Lettuce
5. Tomatoes
6. Carrots
7. Broccoli
8. Spinach
9. Brown Rice
10. Quinoa
11. Almonds
12. Walnuts
13. Greek Yogurt
14. Milk (Organic)
15. Eggs (Cage-Free)
16. Chicken Breasts (Organic)
17. Salmon Fillets (Frozen)
18. Ground Turkey (Organic)
19. Whole Wheat Bread
20. Tortilla Wraps
21. Olive Oil
22. Balsamic Vinegar
23. Garlic Powder
24. Oregano 25 .Cumin 26 .Cayenne Pepper 27 .Canned Beans 28 .Pasta Sauce 29 .Whole Wheat Pasta 30 .Dark Chocolate Chips

Shopping for groceries at Walmart or using Amazon Fresh is the best way to get the items you need quickly and conveniently. With a vast selection of products and competitive prices, you can easily find what you need without having to visit multiple stores. Plus, with convenient delivery options, you can have your groceries delivered right to your door without ever having to leave your home.


Costco is an excellent place to shop for groceries, as it offers a wide variety of items at great prices. Having a Costco grocery list for two people can make shopping easier and more efficient, ensuring that you get all the items you need without overspending. With its wide selection of quality products and competitive prices, Costco is an ideal choice for stocking up on groceries. So, if you’re looking to save money while still getting the supplies you need, consider creating your own Costco grocery list for two people!