What are Walmart’s Pharmacy Hours?

Whether you’re looking for medication or just better prices, Walmart Pharmacy is an ideal destination. Pop in Mondays through Fridays from 8 am to 9 pm and Saturdays from 9am-6pm – providing ease of mind when it comes to managing your prescriptions.

With numerous locations around the country, Walmart’s Pharmacy makes getting every item on your list a stress-free process.

Looking for a Walmart pharmacy? This comprehensive guide has all the information you could possibly need – from store locators and hours of operation to Frequently Asked Questions.

Get what you’re shopping for without any hassle.

What are Walmart’s Pharmacy Hours?

Walmart has you covered when it comes to medicines – they have supercenters open 24/7 so that key commodities are always accessible.

Most stores offer pharmacies, with only a few in remote areas deviating from the usual operating hours of 7am-12pm Monday through Saturday (excluding holidays).

So no matter where you live or what time it is, at least one pharmacy will be there for all your medication needs.

Walmart Pharmacy Hours 2023

Whether you’re picking up a prescription or shopping for the week, Walmart Pharmacies are here to help.

For those planning ahead, this comprehensive schedule of pharmacy hours is available at your fingertips. Just remember – not all stores stay open 24/7 – though most Walmart Superstores remain accessible seven days per week.

Day of the WeekOpening HoursClosing Hours
Monday09:00 am09:00 pm
Tuesday09:00 am09:00 pm
Wednesday09:00 am09:00 pm
Thursday09:00 am09:00 pm
Friday09:00 am09:00 pm
Saturday09:00 am07:00 pm
Sunday10:30 am06:00 pm

Walmart Store Hours

Walmart is the go-to shopping destination for millions of shoppers around the world. And now, no matter what day it is, you can always find a location near you that’s open.

Customers are be able to shop at any U.S.-based Walmart store every Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM – 9:00 PM EST.

Pharmacies located inside these stores also follow this schedule – so whether you need groceries or medicine (or both!), your local Walmart has got you covered seven days a week.

To find out about hours specific to your neighborhood store, just hop onto their website and use their handy “Store Locator” tool; all it takes is entering your zip code or city & state before clicking “Store Details” for info tailored directly towards where YOU live!

Walmart Stores are getting ready for the holidays – and they’re taking your needs into consideration.

In select states such as Texas, you can shop 24/7 at some locations even on Christmas Eve or New Year’s. Or if a smaller store fits better with what you need, there are five other options to choose from too. It’s all about making shopping easier during this festive season.

Here are the different types of Walmart stores:

Walmart Supercenter

Walmart Supercenters are generally available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. That being said, some sites may have shorter hours on Thanksgiving and Christmas.

In the average Walmart store, customers can shop until midnight. With this new change, they are aiming to adjust their store opening hours to cater to the needs and wants of their customers.

Walmart Neighborhood Markets

Offering convenience to customers living in the neighborhood, Walmart Neighborhood Markets are a great addition to the local retail landscape.

Featuring products spanning the full grocery selection such as fresh produce, meat and seafood, deli and bakery items, health and beauty items, baby supplies, pet products and more, these markets bring an abundance of shopping choice for residents of the area.

Customers also benefit from on-site pharmacy services and fuel stations, making Walmart Neighborhood Markets an all-encompassing shopping experience.

Prices remain competitive with other retail outlets in the region, ensuring locals always get value for money. So grab your shopping list and enjoy a trip to your neighborhood Walmart store.

Boasting 42,000 square feet of retail space, the Walmart Neighborhood Market is a bustling shopping environment open to the public seven days a week.

Most locations are open daily from early morning until late at night, while some may have varied hours – be sure to check with the local store ahead of time. Sunday’s hours run up until the stroke of midnight.

Walmart Express Shops

Walmart Express Shops are a fantastic way to get shopping done quickly. These mini-retail locations offer customers an opportunity to buy products without having to visit a full-sized Walmart store. They provide items such as groceries, household necessities and other items from their full-service departments.

Whether it’s fresh produce, health & beauty supplies, or toys and games, shoppers can find a world of goods in one convenient location.

Walmart Express Shops have been designed to provide customers with the same great customer service and quality products that they expect from the company’s larger stores. With quick checkout lines and a wide range of products at competitive prices, these stores make it easy to get the things you need in no time at all.

Walmart Express stores offer a convenient, condensed version of their full-size Walmart Supercenter counterparts – typically with an extensive 16,000-square-foot floor plan.

These stores are open bright and early each day and stay open to late in the evening; however, it’s recommended to check with your local store to learn more about their unique hours.

Sam’s Club Stores

Shopping at Sam’s Club promise great experiences. Discovering their wide-range of offerings gives customers an incredible selection of products and services. With locations across the nation, these stores provide top quality items at outstanding prices.

They offer convenient shopping options such as exclusive specials, special discounts, and exceptional customer service, so it’s easy to stock up on your favorite items.

Sam’s Club members have access to exclusive savings and events, further enhancing the overall shopping experience.

For the convenience of the average customer, Sam’s Club – managed by Walmart – has doors open 7 days a week, from sun-up to sun-down.

With openings bright and early and closings after-hours, members can access their shopping needs and more; Sunday is the only day they are closed to rest until 12 in the morning.

Walmart Pharmacy Holiday Hours 2023

With different days featuring holiday hours, Walmart Pharmacy has restricted their services for customers on the following occasions.

Come Christmas Eve, Walmart Pharmacy will start wrapping up for the day a tad earlier than usual. However, all of their doors will remain firmly shut come Christmas Day.

Come Easter Day, Walmart Pharmacy will welcome customers during their usual hours – open at midday, shutting up shop at the regular closing time.

On Thanksgiving Day, Walmart Pharmacy will be taking a break from their regular routine, and reopening again on Friday, November 25th.

So, if you’re in need of certain essential medications or products, plan ahead and head over to the store before or after the holiday.

New Year’s Day – the dawn of an opportunity to start anew and shake off the dust of the preceding twelve months. On this momentous occasion, people set resolute resolutions and plan to restore their spirits as they embark on a fresh year filled with expectancy and hope.

On New Year’s Eve, Walmart Pharmacy will be saying a festive farewell to the year that was and will be shutting down one hour before its regular closing time; it will remain closed on the New Year’s Day.