Grocery List for Pre-diabetes

If you’ve been diagnosed with pre-diabetes, it’s important to make changes to your diet in order to avoid developing type 2 diabetes.

Creating a grocery list that includes foods that are healthy for pre-diabetics can help you maintain a balanced diet and keep your blood sugar levels under control.

In this article, we’ll provide some tips for creating an effective grocery list for pre-diabetes, including which foods to include and which ones to avoid.

We’ll also discuss the importance of portion control, as well as how to create a meal plan that will help you stick to your dietary goals.

Grocery List for Pre-diabetes

  1. Whole grain bread
  2. Oats
  3. Brown rice
  4. Quinoa
  5. Beans
  6. Lentils
  7. Leafy greens
  8. Non-starchy vegetables
  9. Berries
  10. Low-fat dairy products
  11. Nuts and seeds
  12. Fish and seafood
  13. Lean meats and poultry
  14. Eggs
  15. Olive oil and other healthy fats
  16. Herbs and spices
  17. Unsweetened beverages like tea, coffee, and water
  18. Avocado
  19. Hummus
  20. Almond butter
  21. Edamame
  22. Greek yogurt
  23. Tempeh
  24. Sweet potatoes
  25. Applesauce (unsweetened)
  26. Popcorn (air-popped)
  27. Olives
  28. Chia seeds
  29. Flaxseeds
  30. Coconut milk

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Having a grocery list for prediabetes is essential to help individuals maintain healthy blood sugar levels. By stocking up on foods that are high in fiber, low in fat and sugar, and rich in vitamins and minerals, individuals can ensure they are getting the right nutrition to help manage their condition.

It is important to be mindful of portion sizes and to create meals that are both nutritious and satisfying. With a little bit of planning, prediabetics can have a balanced diet that will help them manage their condition while also enjoying delicious food.