Grocery List for Gluten Free Diet

Eating a gluten-free diet can be a challenge, but with the right grocery list, it can also be an enjoyable and tasty experience. Whether you are new to the gluten-free lifestyle or have been living this way for years, having a comprehensive grocery list of gluten-free items is essential for maintaining a balanced diet that meets your nutritional needs. From snacks and pantry staples to produce and dairy products, this grocery list offers suggestions on what foods to buy when following a gluten-free diet.

Grocery List for Gluten Free Diet

1. Gluten-free bread
2. Gluten-free pasta
3. Gluten-free cereal
4. Gluten-free crackers
5. Gluten-free pizza crust
6. Gluten-free flour
7. Gluten-free baking mixes
8. Gluten-free oats
9. Quinoa
10. Rice flour
11. Almond flour
12. Corn tortillas
13. Brown rice cakes
14. Buckwheat groats
15. Millet
16. Amaranth
17. Tapioca starch
18. Xanthan gum
19. Potato starch
20. Coconut flour
21. Sorghum flour
22. Teff flour 23 .Chia seeds 24 .Flax seeds 25 .Nutritional yeast 26 .Sunflower seed butter 27 .Hemp seeds 28 .Soy sauce (gluten free) 29 .Tahini (sesame paste) 30 .Gluten free salad dressings

Shopping at Walmart or with Amazon Fresh is the best option for grocery shopping because of the convenience and cost savings. With Walmart, you can shop online and pick up your order in-store, or have it delivered directly to your home. Amazon Fresh offers same-day delivery on thousands of items, so you can have groceries delivered right to your door. Both options are much cheaper than shopping at traditional grocery stores.


A gluten free diet can be a great way to improve your health and well-being. With the right grocery list, you can make sure that you’re getting all the nutrients you need without compromising on taste. From fresh fruits and vegetables to alternative flours and grains, there are plenty of options available for those following a gluten free diet. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced cook, having a basic grocery list for your gluten free diet can help ensure that you have all the ingredients necessary to make delicious meals.