Does Walmart Sell Flowers?

Walmart is a one-stop-shop for all your shopping needs, including flowers for any occasion.

Walmart does sell flowers, and you can buy them online or in-store. In fact, Walmart has one of the largest selections of flowers available, so you’re sure to find the perfect bouquet for any occasion.

Whether you’re looking for romantic roses, cheerful carnations, elegant lilies, cheerful daisies, sunny sunflowers, vibrant tulips, or potted plants, Walmart has it all.

The prices are affordable, and you can order your desired bouquet, potted plant, or gift in-store or online. With information readily available, choosing the perfect flowers for holidays or any other special occasion is easy.

Does Walmart always sell flowers?

Walmart has been notorious for having a limited selection of seasonal flowers. This is not only for the record but also because seasonal flowers are only available at certain times of the year.

Some Walmart stores do sell seasonal flowers, but not all of them. It is best to check around next time you’re in the mood to buy flowers.

What is the cost of flowers at Walmart?

Walmart offers flowers for sale at a relatively low price. They start at $1 for individual carnations & other fresh flowers and $2.97 for individual roses.

Walmart can offer the lowest prices on flowers because they have no up-charging or hidden fees. They buy directly from manufacturers and then resell them to lower prices. The flowers at Walmart start cheap. However, customers who want to buy flowers in bulk can save a lot more money.

Spring and late summer is a time when they have cheaper bouquets. Usually, they sell for $6-$7, but deals are often available during this time of the year if you shop around! To create extravagant flower displays, people will often spend anywhere from $50 – $100 at Walmart.

Are Walmart Flowers Of Good Quality? 

When you buy flowers from Walmart, they have good quality, and some varieties even have a long life span. They do best when they are well cared for, hydrated in a vase, and kept dry to avoid withering.

However, this can change from season to season and whether or not flowers have been on display for long.

Does Walmart Sell Artificial Flowers? 

Walmart does offer fresh flowers as well as artificial flowers. You can get a bouquet for about $30, or some can be found for less, depending on the variety & style you are looking for. Artificial flowers are often cheaper and last longer than fresh flowers. You can get artificial flowers in craft stores or the home decor section.

Does Walmart Sell Flower Seeds? 

Yes, Walmart also offers many seeds for flowers such as daisies, strawflowers, sunflowers, and marigolds.

Seeds for flower plants can usually be found in the flower section at Walmart stores and start from $2 per pack and will provide a beautiful addition to any garden or landscaping project.

Where Can You Find Flowers At Walmart?

Depending on the Walmart location, some locations have their dedicated floral sections, so you know you’ll always get fresh & beautiful flowers. These floral sections are beautifully designed, and they will help make your dramatic event more memorable.

If not in the floral section, the flowers are easily found in the produce section of a Walmart store. If you need to buy them one at a time, they can come in bunches.