Does Walmart Have Propane?

Walmart is a popular destination for many things, but propane might not be one of them. Or is it? In this blog post, we’ll take a look at whether or not Walmart sells propane – and what your alternatives are if it doesn’t.

Does Walmart have propane? Walmart has propane. You can often find it near the camping supplies or in the hardware section. Some Walmarts also have a special order desk where you can request propane.

What is The Cost of Propane Tanks At Walmart? 

If you want to go low-cost and find a propane tank, Walmart has a wide selection of options. They either come in the form of new tanks or used tanks that you can buy on their website or from their stores directly.

When you are shopping online at Walmart for propane tanks, you will be able to find a variety of brands and types at Walmart. Your shopping experience is that much better at Walmart online because of the third-party suppliers it works with. You can get quality products & stock for your home or business on their site at the best rates.

The propane tanks that are available on are: 

  • Coleman Propane- Camping Fuel (16oz , 4-pack)- $13.87. 
  • Flame King- Propane Cylinder Tank (20lb)- $49.99.
  • Flame King Propane Tank (Horizontal, Refillable, OPD Valve & Gauge, 20lb)- $119.75
  • Manchester Tank (20lb)- $38.62.

It’s always worth a call to Walmart stores before stopping in to buy propane tanks. Or, you can check it out using the Brickseek website and see the inventory at your local Walmart.

Does Walmart Fill Propane Tanks In 2022?

In 2022, Walmart will no longer offer filling propane tanks because the equipment needed to do so will not be available in stores.

The company focuses on providing customers with exchange services, and they offer a Blue Rhino 20lb tank exchange for $14.99 in many of their stores. Walmart allows its customers to bring in their empty propane tanks and exchange them for full ones in certain stores offline.

The best place to exchange propane is at Walmart. Take your tank to any store that offers propane. Then they will exchange it with an empty tank.

The Walmart website does not allow propane tanks to be dropped off for exchange, only through an in-store pickup. Propane exchanges online are currently prohibited by federal law.

Walmart accepts propane tanks from all brands. If your tank is no longer holding a full load or providing the performance you need, you can swap it at long as it’s in usable condition.

What is the cost of Walmart For the Propane Tank Exchange? And How Does It Work? 

Have you got an empty propane tank? Make sure to bring it to Walmart! They accept any working canisters in exchange for their old ones.

Walmart provides planned propane delivery and will exchange broken tanks with a full, cleaned (with no evidence of leaking) and inspected one.

Walmart usually costs around $5-$6 per gallon to exchange an empty propane tank. This makes it slightly more expensive than it would be to refill a propane tank. Convenience stores have many exchange stations, so it’s easier to exchange tanks. This has led to an increased need for gas refilling operations, but fewer people seem compelled to do it.

Are There Other Stores That Fill Propane Tanks? 

If you are willing to get your propane tank refilled rather than at Walmart, then there are many other stores that you can pay a visit to.

Although it can be harder to find a station with propane tank refills than an exchange station. Though it’s not impossible!

With propane prices constantly fluctuating, it’s nice to know that you can get filled up at many major chains. For example:

  • Costco
  • U-Haul. 
  • Americas.
  • Ferrellgas. 
  • Tractor Supply.
  • Ace Hardware.