Does Walmart Have Eyeglasses?

If you’re in need of a new pair of eyeglasses, you may be wondering if Walmart carries them. Here’s what you need to know.

Does Walmart have eyeglasses? Walmart does have eyeglasses. You can find them in the optical department. They usually have a wide variety of frames to choose from, including both designer and no-name brands. Prices start at around $12 for a basic pair of glasses.

You can also get your prescription filled at Walmart, and they offer a free eye exam (yearly) for anyone with a Walmart Savings Card.

Eyeglasses at Walmart

Walmart was the third largest distributor of optical goods in 2019. This was accomplished by Walmart Vision Centers located inside physical stores and online shopping

Walmart has a department dedicated to eye care that includes everything from exams and new prescription updates. There are frames, contacts or glasses you can choose in this section of Walmart stores across America!

You can order nonprescription readers and sunglasses at Walmart that the store may not carry outright. You can also choose to purchase contacts there through a different website.

What can you get from Walmart Vision Centers?

Walmart Vision Centers are a leading eyewear provider. They offer prescription glasses, sunglasses & more. They have basic single-vision lenses, lined bifocals, and no-line bifocals for all your frames.

Walmart offers many different styles, sizes, and options for glasses. They have a wide selection of lenses, frames, & protective coatings for sunglasses. In addition to the standard prescription frames, you can also get your old lenses put into new structures if you want.

If you need a prescription for your new glasses, it’s essential to make an appointment with a qualified member of our licensed optometrist’s department.

How much is the price of eyeglasses from Walmart Vision Centers?

  • It starts at $10, but you can expect to pay more than that.
  • You get free single lens sunglasses and ready-made bifocal lenses if you purchase a frame.
  • There are three different types of lens options that you can buy when you shop for glasses: basic tinted lenses, polarized lenses, and transition lenses. The price difference between each lens type ranges from $10 to $50, depending on the total cost.
  • Different coatings are available, ranging from scratch-resistant to impact-resistant. Your standard layer is complimentary, while your lenses will run about $30.
  • If you want durable coatings with anti-smudge properties and a 2-year limited warranty, you should expect to pay about $120. Expect to add about $150 to your bill, but you can confirm these prices at your local vision center.
  • When wondering how this compares, it would be wise to consider what you’re buying. While some cheaper glasses are out there that give the illusion of being high quality, they might not provide the same attributes found in designer frames. Walmart has a wide variety of structures that can offer great value while still having good quality.

How much does the eye exams cost at Walmart Vision Centers?

Getting eye exams is essential, and it’s best to get this service done at your local retailer, where they can look over your eyes without the risk of going out of network.

Eye exams start at $65, and contact lenses are around $125. Prices can vary depending on your location, though.