Does Walmart have Colored Contacts?

If you’re in the market for some new contacts, you may be wondering if Walmart carries colored contacts. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at whether or not Walmart sells colored contacts and what you can expect from their selection. We’ll also give you some tips on how to find the best colored contact lenses for your needs.

Does Walmart have colored contacts? Walmart does have a wide variety of both prescription and non-prescription colored contacts. You can find them in the contact lens aisle or online at

If you are looking for colored eye contact, Walmart Vision center is a good option for you and is readily available nationwide.

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Walmart Vision Center

Walmart became the third largest distributor of optical goods in the United States this year.

Optometry departments in Walmart stores have been popular since they opened. They offer excellent quality and affordable prices, and you can even get a quick eye exam to make sure your vision is up to date.

Walmart offers a great selection of nonprescription readers and sunglasses on its website. They also provide contact lenses over a separate site called Walmart Contacts.

Pros and cons of the Vision Centers

Walmart Vision pros

  • It has lots of centers located across the country.
  • You can also buy school supplies, groceries, and new glasses in one trip.
  • For children, offers Children’s glasses and contacts
  • One can also purchase contacts online

Walmart Vision cons

  • It can be not very clear and not have prescription eyewear options
  • the high turnover rate in the optometry field
  • complaints about unfair billing practices with customers and low employee morale

What can you get in Walmart Vision Centers?


Walmart Vision Centers offer a full range of prescription eyewear. They can help with single-vision lenses, bifocals, and computer glasses – all of which are popular options today.


Walmart offers a variety of options for your glasses. You can choose clear, tinted, polarized, and transition lenses. They also have different options for lens protection. They have a service where they will also put your old lenses in new frames!

Eye exams

For those looking for a current prescription before getting new glasses, optometrists from Walmart Vision Centers provide visual examinations.

Walmart Vision Center optometrists

Many people opt for Walmart-operated eye care facilities. In some of these locations, Walmart hires independent optometrists, but many other states require a separate licensing. Regardless of whether they are independent or leased to them, one way or another, it is not possible to legally operate as an optometrist without admitting employment with Walmart. Walmart Vision Centers can be a great place to go if you happen to like the staff and the prices. In case of turnover, though, you may want to try an optometrist’s office or another eye-care provider in town.

What can you get from Walmart Vision online?

These eyewear options can help to improve your quality of vision and make your life easier.

Our website is divided into sections and is sorted by the following: Men’s, Women’s, Girl’s, Boy’s, Frames and Prices. You can also filter for specific variations of each category.

You can buy eye drops and similar accessories and comfort items.

This website is difficult to navigate, making it hard to find the item you are looking for. It appears that they have a good range of glasses from different sellers, but some critical information isn’t readily available, like sizing or specific details.

When buying from our website, you’re ready to browse through various frames and add them to your shopping cart. Your order options will be finished at checkout, and you can have your products delivered or picked up at a store near you!

Check out the online store for Walmart Contacts: Let them know what brand or manufacturer you’re ordering from, and they’ll make sure your prescription is up to date before processing the order.