Does Walmart have Cigarettes?

Cigarettes are a hot topic lately. With more and more places becoming smoke-free, people are looking for a place to buy cigarettes.

Does Walmart have cigarettes? Walmart does carry cigarettes. Cigarettes are usually located near the checkout counters in Walmart.

Does Walmart also Sell E-Cigarettes and Vapes?

Sam’s Club locations in the US have wholly removed tobacco products from their shelves as of 2019. This includes e-cigarettes, Juuls, vapes, and vape juices. This change affects Walmart locations and consists of any Sam’s Club in the country.

As vaping has gained in popularity and more & more people became aware of its health benefits, their decision to end the sale of e-cigarettes was not merely a financial one. The negative press regarding vaping also contributed to the decision.

Does Walmart Have a Good Selection of Cigarettes?

Walmart is well known for its wide range of cigarettes, tobacco products, and gas/convenience items.

There is a wide selection of cigarette brands at stores, but you won’t be able to find as many options as in a specific smoke shop or cigar shop. So you can expect to see most major cigarette brands – including Marlboro, Newport, and Camel – at any store.

What Is Required To Purchase Cigarettes at Walmart?

  • Although people can buy tobacco products at Walmart, they won’t sell them to anyone with an ID that doesn’t show they are of legal age.
  • No government-issued identification will be legally accepted at checkout as a college ID from a university.
  • Cashiers will ask to see the ID of anyone looks younger. They’ll start doing this more often if they’re selling at Walmart, a popular shopping destination for people in their 20s and 30s.
  • Currently, the minimum age to purchase tobacco products is 21. However, Walmart took on this decision for all stores in 2019. In doing so, they show that they respect the country’s law.
  • You won’t purchase cigarettes from the checkout lane because Walmart also sells them. Most high-end stores do not sell cigarettes or have designated areas to store them, so there’s no reason for Walmart to adopt this practice either.

Does Walmart Have Cigars?

Yes, Walmart has cigars. They won’t have a vast selection of selections to choose from- most stores only carry a limited number of brands- but they do have them.

You can generally find cigarettes at Walmart locations in the United States; they stopped selling tobacco in Canada. The chain even has online coupons to save on your order.

Walmart stopped selling tobacco in Canada, but they still sell cigarettes. This is because the company sells other tobacco products such as chewing tobacco and pipes. The company does not want to lose out on profits because of this tax system, so it has continued to sell cigarettes despite the health risks associated with smoking.

You don’t need to worry about the products on this list, as they contain nicotine. However, e-cigarettes may still be an issue, depending on your state laws. If you’re 21 years or older, you shouldn’t have any problem purchasing them.