Does Walmart Have Amazon Cards?

Amazon cards are a thoughtful and creative way to show someone how much you care. Give them an Amazon gift card, and they’ll have their choice of thousands of products to choose from.

But does Walmart have Amazon cards? No, Walmart does not have Amazon cards. Amazon cards are only available on

Why does Walmart not have Amazon cards?

Walmart has always been a pioneer in the retail industry. However, Walmart is now facing a new competitor – Amazon.

As Amazon grows in the retail world, Walmart has seen Amazon as a direct competitor. Walmart does not sell their (Amazon) gift cards because it’s essential for them to stay ahead of their competition and make sure that they are not losing on sales of items that would otherwise be sold on or for Amazon.

Walmart believes that if they sold them, it would be sending customers to their competitor’s site and not their own. Amazon has been making waves in the retail industry with its low prices and convenience in recent years. It is now challenging for retailers like Walmart to compete with Amazon.

What Gift Are Cards Available In Walmart?

Although Walmart doesn’t sell Amazon gift cards, it does sell numerous other store and restaurant gift cards.

Walmart sells gift cards at a lower price; popular brands such as Starbucks, Facebook, Sephora, Disney, etc., are easily available at Walmart. Below is a list of some of the most popular gift cards available in Walmart stores. These gift cards are available for purchase in any Walmart store and can purchase products as other retailers easily accept these gift cards. These are:

  • Apple Store and iTunes Gift Cards 
  • Subway Gift Cards 
  • Disney Gift Cards
  • Airbnb Gift Cards
  • Ulta eGift Cards
  • Burger King Gift Cards
  • American Express Gift Cards
  • PlayStation Store Gift Cards
  • Uber Gift Card
  • Spotify eGift Cards
  • Netflix eGift Cards
  • Hulu Gift Cards
  • Mastercard Gift Cards 
  • Lyft Gift Cards
  • Sephora eGift Cards
  • Spotify Gift Cards
  • Visa Gift Cards 
  • Facebook Gift Cards 
  • Domino’s Gift Cards
  • Starbucks Gift Cards 
  • Microsoft Xbox Gift Cards 

Of course, this is not the total of what Walmart has to offer. There are many more options. Walmart is now selling gift cards for various businesses, from cosmetics to OTT platforms. Walmart sites have a variety of gift cards available and can vary by region.

Where To Buy Amazon Gift Cards?

Amazon gift cards are a great way to give someone a surprise gift. They are the perfect choice if you are looking for a last-minute present. But to buy an Amazon gift card, where do you go? Read the list below and get your hands on the gift card today!

The first and best option is to buy it digitally from directly. However, if you prefer giving a physical card, here are the options for you-

  1. Walgreens
  2. Wegmans
  3. Best Buy
  4. Wawa
  5. Publix
  6. Lowes
  7. Dollar General
  8. JC Penny
  9. CVS
  10. Kroger
  11. GameStop
  12. Family Dollar