$50 Grocery List for 1 Month

Eating healthy on a budget can be a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be. With some careful planning and resourcefulness, it’s possible to create a nutritious $50 grocery list for one month that will keep your pantry stocked with delicious and nutritious staples. This article will provide you with an easy-to-follow guide on how to make the most of your grocery budget while still eating well. From selecting the right ingredients to finding creative ways to stretch your dollars, this guide will help you make the most of your food dollars while still enjoying tasty meals.

$50 Grocery List for 1 Month

1. Whole Wheat Bread – $3.50
2. Bananas – $2.00
3. Apples – $4.00
4. Milk (1 gallon) – $3.50
5. Eggs (12 count) – $2.50
6. Oatmeal (18 oz.) – $2.00
7. Brown Rice (2 lbs.) – $3.00
8. Frozen Vegetables (16 oz.) – $2.50
9. Black Beans (15 oz.) – $1.25
10. Canned Tomatoes (14 oz.) – $1.25
11. Ground Beef (1 lb.) – $4.00
12 Chicken Breasts (2 lbs.) -$6
13 Carrots (1 lb.)-$1
14 Onions (3 lbs.)-$3
15 Garlic Cloves-$0,75
16 Lettuce-$2,5
17 Avocado-$1,5 18 Greek Yogurt-$3,5 19 Peanut Butter-$4 20 Whole Wheat Pasta-$2 21 Olive Oil-$4 22 Spices-$3 23 Dried Fruit-$3 24 Nuts and Seeds Mix-$4 25 Canned Tuna Fish-$2,5 26 Popcorn Kernels-$0,75 27 Tortilla Chips-$2,5 28 Tea Bags or Loose Leaf Tea-$3 29 Mustard and Ketchup-$2 30 Dark Chocolate Bar or Cocoa Powder for Baking or Hot Chocolate Drink Mixes-$1

Shopping for groceries at Walmart or using Amazon Fresh is the best choice for convenience and affordability. With Walmart’s wide selection of products, you can find exactly what you need at unbeatable prices. Amazon Fresh offers a variety of fresh produce, plus all your favorite items from name brands, all delivered right to your door. Shopping with either of these options saves time and money, making it the perfect choice for busy households.


With a little bit of planning and creativity, it is possible to create a $50 grocery list for one month that will provide you with all the essential items you need to make healthy meals. By taking advantage of store sales, buying in bulk, and exploring alternative options such as frozen or canned goods, you can get the most out of your budget while still eating well. With some careful thought and strategic shopping, you can make a $50 grocery list for one month that will keep your stomach full and your wallet happy.