$100 a Week Grocery List for 2

Are you looking for a way to feed two people on a budget? It can be difficult to stick to a grocery budget of only $100 per week, but with some careful planning and savvy shopping, it is possible! This article will provide you with an easy-to-follow grocery list that will make it much simpler to stay within your budget while still providing delicious meals for two. We’ll cover which items are essential, how to maximize savings, and creative ways to stretch your food budget. So if you’re ready to start saving money on groceries, read on!

$100 a Week Grocery List for 2

1. 2 dozen eggs
2. 2 lbs ground beef
3. 1 lb chicken breast
4. 1 lb pork chops
5. 2 cans of beans
6. 4 packs of instant oatmeal
7. 2 boxes of cereal
8. 2 bags of frozen vegetables
9. 1 head of lettuce
10. 4 tomatoes
11. 1 cucumber
12. 1 onion
13. 2 bell peppers
14. 1 bunch of bananas
15. 1 bag of apples
16. 2 cartons of milk
17. 8 oz block of cheese
18. 8 oz tub of yogurt
19. 4 packs of tortillas
20. 2 loaves bread
21 .1 jar peanut butter
22 .1 jar jelly or jam

23 .1 box crackers

24 .1 pack deli meat (turkey, ham, etc.)

25 .2 cans soup

26 .2 packages pasta

27 .1 can diced tomatoes

28 .1 bottle olive oil

29 .1 bottle balsamic vinegar

30 .1 bag chips or pretzels

Shopping at Walmart or using Amazon Fresh is a great way to get groceries quickly and conveniently. With low prices and a large selection, you can find everything you need for your weekly grocery needs. Plus, with free delivery options, you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your own home!


Creating a $100 a Week Grocery List for 2 is an excellent way to save money on food while still having a variety of meals. With careful meal planning and smart shopping, it is possible to create nutritious and delicious meals for two people for only $100 a week. By taking advantage of store specials, coupons, and sales, you can stretch your grocery budget even further. With some creativity and dedication, you can make the most of your grocery budget and enjoy delicious meals without breaking the bank.